MARCH 11, 2024
Pi Ware serves as lead editor on hulu's new docu-series, IT'S ALL COUNTRY, with executive producers Peyton Manning and Luke Bryan.  The series explores country music as it exists today and its roots.  Grant Kahler directs and Luke Bryan hosts.

JANUARY 3, 2024
FOX's newest celebrity guessing game, WE ARE FAMILY, premieres.  Pi Ware serves as lead editor on the show and says, "It's a fun time for pop culture fanatics!"  Hosted by Anthony Anderson, the show features non-famous singers and their celebrity relatives hidden inside the SuperSphere.
OCTOBER 18, 2023
Pi Ware hosts the Portland, OR mixer for American Cinema Editors (ACE) at Victoria Bar.  ACE members in the Pacific Northwest, come on down!
OCTOBER 2, 2023
Magical Mexican Bingo, anyone?  This CBS primetime show is hosted by Jaime Camil and edited by Pi Ware. Premieres tonight, and is wholesome fun for the whole family.  (It's in English with ample opportunities to learn Spanish vocabulary!)
JUNE 2, 2023
Following a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, all four episodes of 100 YEARS OF WARNER BROS (Episode 1 edited by Pi Ware) are released and streaming on MAX.

MAY 18, 2023
MAX releases new trailer for 100 YEARS OF WARNER BROS, directed by Academy Award® nominated Leslie Iwerks and edited by Emmy Award® winner Pi Ware.
MAY 14, 2023
Pi's latest documentary series (on which he is lead editor) is premiering at the Cannes Film Festival later this month. "I'm very proud and excited for 100 YEARS OF WARNER BROS. and all of the scandal, ingenuity and passion we've woven into this series. Directed by Leslie Iwerks and produced by Kate Chumley, this is a show that all you film and history nerds will LOVE. Should you not be in the south of France this May for the screenings, all good, you'll be able to check it out on HBO Max soon."
APRIL 11, 2023
Pi is currently working on another massive talent spotlight: America’s Got Talent Season 18.  The series premieres on NBC on May 30.

MARCH 12, 2023
Pi just finished work on American Idol’s post-Oscars episode.  The editor reports that "it was a great experience working with a solid crew supporting a hugely talented core of singers."

JANUARY 1, 2023
Pi has been working on a secret HBO Max docu-series since August 2022, and we'll be announcing soon what this amazing gem for film-lovers is soon!

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022
Season 3 of FOX's LEGO MASTERS hosted by Will Arnett premieres tonight.  Edited by Pi Ware, this show is the epitome of family-friendly fun.
MARCH 21, 2022
Editors Pi Ware and Luyen Vu discuss career paths in FILM EDITING with producer Kimberley Browning for the Los Angeles County Library series CREATIVE CAREER PATHS.  Check out the conversation here.  Highly recommended for folks starting their editing careers or considering a career in post production.
MARCH 9, 2022
FOX's DOMINO MASTERS--edited by Pi Ware--premieres tonight! Eric Stonestreet hosts a family-friendly challenge where teams compete to make the most amazing domino topples and Rube Goldberg chain reactions. says "Stream it!" in this review...

 JANUARY 5, 2022
Double premiere for Pi Ware!  Season 2 of I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE is the second series this week to premiere on FOX that Pi Ware has edited. 2022 is starting off big.
JANUARY 3, 2022
"Gordon Ramsay’s NEXT LEVEL CHEF Has Next-Level Premiere With NFL Lead-in."

The new cooking competition--edited by Pi Ware--is both a ratings hit and a critical success.   Read The Wrap's article here.
SEPTEMBER 22, 2021
FOX premieres its new singing competition that celebrates technology and heart in equal measure.  Edited by Pi Ware, ALTER EGO, premieres 2 nights in a row Wednesday and Thursday.  Singers perform backstage while their digital avatars battle it out center stage. (Plus Alanis Morissette, Grimes and judge!)
AUGUST 16, 2021
Pi Ware to appear as a panelist in the Television Academy's event, "How Do I Judge This? Criteria for Evaluating Picture Editing Nominees"
Monday, August 16, 2021 • 5:00 - 6:00 PM PDT / 8:00 - 9:00 PM EDT
Panelists include Shannon Baker Davis, ACE, Russell Griffin, ACE, Inbal B. Lessner, ACE, Shannon Mitchell, ACE, Justin Robertson, ACE, Molly Shock, ACE, Structured/Competition Reality and Pi Ware, ACE, Variety

AUGUST 9, 2021
Editor / director Pi Ware has been invited and inducted into the honorary society known as American Cinema Editors (ACE). Some may ask, “besides putting a fancy suffix after your guys’ names like a superhero doctor who shoots down planes…. what does ACE do?”  Good question.  The ACE credo (“to advance the art and science of the film editing profession; to increase the entertainment value of motion pictures by attaining artistic pre-eminence and scientific achievement in the creative art of film editing; to bring into close alliance those film editors who desire to advance the prestige and dignity of the film editing profession.”) is served by such projects as diversity outreach, internships, fellowships, competitions, seminars, screenings, CinemaEditor magazine, the EditFest global conference, and the annual Eddie Awards. Editor Pi Ware commented, “Super proud to be a part. I’m looking forward to our future together, ACE.”
MARCH 11, 2021
Pi Ware has been nominated for a 2020 American Cinema Editors "Eddie" award for his work on the Dave Chappelle Mark Twain Prize!  The show's experimental editing style--a mashup of the awards ceremony format with the documentary form--has garnered a lot of positive attention. Together with last year's Emmy nod, this is the show's second major editing award nomination
Deadline article here
JANUARY 1, 2021
Here is an informal tribute to Pi Ware's uncle, the premier nature photographer, Jody Forster, who tragically passed away last week.
DECEMBER 27, 2020
The Masked Dancer, edited by Pi Ware, debuted today with a 1.3 rating on FOX, and was the top series debut of the 2020-21 season so far, narrowly topping fellow Fox-Ken Jeong show “I Can See Your Voice” which premiered to a 1.2 in Sept. - Source: Hollywood Reporter

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020
Join Pi Ware Sept 30 @ 2pm Pacific for Konsonant's webinar "Game On: Come Settle a Score!".  He'll be guest speaking about how to successfully choose & edit library music in a documentary. The seminar then seeks music for a short film scene--with your participation--and famed composer Gil Talmi will edit it to picture right then and there!
SEPTEMBER 23, 2020
The new FOX show, I Can See Your Voice--edited by Pi Ware--premieres today, with host Ken Jeong leading a panel of celebrity detectives separating good singers from bad singers... all without ever hearing them sing a note.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2020
The director of Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons, Pi Ware, spoke at an online Lyme and Morgellons Disease  March today.
Ware promoted online activism through blogging about the science surrounding the Morgellons disease controversy.  Other speakers included Dr. Richard Horowitz, Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner, Dr. Enid Haller, and special musical guest Ashley Baker.
All speeches (and impact activities to help bring awareness and change for the Lyme & Morgellons communities) will be available for viewing & participation until November 10, 2020 HERE

For more info visit

JULY 28, 2020
Pi Ware received his 5th Emmy Award nomination, this year for editing the Netflix/PBS special Dave Chappelle: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize For American Humor.
This year's program deviated boldly from the traditional awards show structure. Hand-held documentary footage was spliced in the middle of musical performances and in between guests. Introductions and walkups were dumped entirely.  Speeches split.  Linear time ignored.  The result is a tapestry that melds the formal qualities of the Kennedy Center and the anything-can-happen vibe of a live comedy show. 
“This new approach has been a real breath of fresh air,” says Pi. “And it works perfectly for Dave Chappelle. We basically took the feel of Dave’s documentary Block Party and married it—using every different editorial trick in the book—to the 'shiny floor awards show' formula. And believe me, that took a whole team to do.” 
Now streaming now on Netflix.
The show is also Emmy-nominated for Outstanding Variety Special. Pi was nominated 3 previous times for editing the AFI Life Achievement Award and won an Emmy Award for editing the HBO Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
JULY 27, 2020
Film Threat Podcast host Chris Gore invited the editor/director of Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons, Pi Ware, to discuss arrogance in the medical industry and the patterns of denial that occur when doctors are faced with emerging diseases. Ware’s documentary is an investigation into the controversial subject of Morgellons disease, an illness in which fibers grow out of a patient’s skin, but an illness that many doctors say is “all in the patient’s head.” However, says Ware, the victim-blaming that occurs when doctors find medically unexplained symptoms in their patients isn’t a new trend among physicians.
Watch the entire conversation between Pi Ware and host Chris Gore—who can’t believe the patronizing treatment one of the film’s skeptical dermatologists gives his patients—here: Film Threat Podcast - Battle Over Morgellons
Or get the audio-only version at iTunes or Spotify.

JULY 1, 2020
Skin Deep premieres today on Amazon Prime
Taking a deep dive approach into the heated controversy surrounding Morgellons disease, a skin condition that many in the medical industry consider to exist in the mind and not the body, this investigative independent film was acquired by Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company, and began its global VOD/Digital & DVD release across platforms this spring. Today’s launch on Amazon Prime supercharges the reach of this insightful and balanced documentary.
“Skin Deep brings the suffering of those afflicted to light with great compassion. As a film, the documentary succeeds with grace and thoughtfulness.” - Film Threat

MAY 26, 2020
Pi Ware edits World of Dance, launched today by NBC for their 4th successful season. Episodes streaming now!

MAY 20, 2020
Pi Ware appears on various podcasts, talking about his latest film, Skin Deep.

MAY 15, 2020
MovieMaker Magazine publishes Pi's article on straddling genres: documentary filmmaking vs. reality TV.
MARCH 2020
As COVID-19 shuts down much of the entertainment industry, the SKIN DEEP premiere is cancelled at the Cleveland Film Festival and WORLD OF DANCE is sent to home edit bays to continue work.  
Pi appears in this AP article.

MARCH 2020
Skin Deep featured in Fortune: "Pi Ware, director of the documentary Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons, was set for a world premiere at the Cleveland International Film Festival next week—until the event was canceled because of the pandemic. The film’s screening was specifically targeted at the festival’s location— home of a large medical community and the renowned Cleveland Clinic. Even if an online festival was put in place (festival organizers did not respond to requests for comment), the point was to reach those attendees in person. Now, the film will go straight to video on demand on March 31." Full article by Aric Jenkins:

The Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) recognizes the power of film to change people’s viewpoints about the world. They have invited Skin Deep to screen with other films about health and the environment in the prestigious 44th Annual CIFF.
Tickets available at

DECEMBER 29, 2019
Pi Ware edits Flirty Dancing a bold new series premiering today on FOX! Two strangers meet and dance, without ever saying a word.  "Top-notch cinematography and dazzling editing!"
Stream full episodes at

Pi Ware's feature documentary, Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons, wins the Innovation Award at the 2019 Awareness Film Festival.

JULY 9, 2019
NBC'S Bring the Funny premieres today.  Supervising editor Pi Ware claims, "The Cookie Sketch by Chris and Paul is one of the all-time great classics of sketch comedy.  You have to see it to believe it."
Episodes streaming at
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